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Published on 11-11-2021

Before building this subscription tracking tool I had a look at some of the competitors. One of these competitors is the Bobby app for iOS. The app looks really nice and works fine for tracking your personal subscriptions. There is a trade-off however: you can't export your data from this app. You'll always need to keep using Bobby and you can't easily share this data with others in your family or export it to Excel to plot charts from it.

Export your subscription to Excel

While developing Everlint this has always been an important feature that I wanted to built. This was probably already implemented when the first actual users turned up: you always have the ability to export your subscriptions, trials and lifetime deals to an Excel file.

All data that you enter regarding these subscriptions is nicely listed in the Excel file:

  • name
  • category
  • currency
  • price
  • price period (per month)
  • invoicing period (every year)
  • contract start date
  • contract length (12 months)

So if you decide to stop using Everlint for whatever reason, you can easily take this data with you and hopefully import it in another tool.

Sharing your subscription tracker with others

If you only want to share details with other family members or colleagues you can also opt to create an account for them so they can look in Everlint as well. They'll even be able to help you make the subscriptions list more complete.


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