Expenses tracking

Published on 22-07-2021

After developing the ability to track subscriptions and predict expenses in the future, I have now added features to help track past expenses. The system will create expenses automatically for recurring expenses, based on subscriptions that have the contract date and the billing interval filled in. For all non recurring expenses I've added a form that allows manual entry.

The expense entry form has been developed so you can enter entries one after the other in a very fast manner. The date is prefilled whereby the day field is auto focussed. Tab can be used to switch to the next field while enter submits the form and redirect you to the same form, with focus on the date field again.

When enough demand exist I will probably add the ability to import bank statements such as MT940 and CAMT.053. Let me know!

This expense tracking feature is currently used for a chart on the dashboard ("Past expenses"), but various other reporting features around expenses will probably be added in the future. I can imagine it's usefull to have reports that show expenses by category, or adding the ability to create budgets.


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